Atlanta Home Builders Feature New Technology Using 3D

Virtual Tours Make Homes Memorable After looking at dozens of new homes online, buyers often have trouble remembering the specifics of each location. Photos and traditional videos, while helpful, fall short in capturing the real essence of the home. 3D home tours provide that missing element, giving buyers an experience that will help a home stand

What’s a better way to view homes online, 3D Tour or Video?

I guess the best answer is BOTH. There are advantages to both technologies. Here are a few topline distinctions between each. A 3D property tour is more immersive and gets users more engaged in the property. This is because a 3D tour is self-guided and every user will have a totally unique experience viewing the

Acadia Homes Facebook Post helps out of town Buyer

Talk about an immersive buyer experience….read the comment from Monique who is considering relocating to Atlanta and saw the tour of a model home on Acadia Home and Neighborhoods Facebook page. “This is awesome especially for someone like me who is considering relocating to the area and currently not able to travel to view