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What’s a better way to view homes online, 3D Tour or Video?

I guess the best answer is BOTH. There are advantages to both technologies. Here are a few topline distinctions between each. A 3D property tour is more immersive and gets users more engaged in the property. This is because a 3D tour is self-guided and every user will have a totally unique experience viewing the home. Potential Buyers can walk through each room in any order and see the finishes in incredible detail. Another feature of a 3D property tour is the ability to view each level of the home and interact with the dollhouse view. Even spinning the home being able to see each space from any perspective. This feature alone gets the WOW effect with users.

Video tours have been around and used to showcase properties online for many years. Users hit the play button and whom ever took the video controls what you see and in what order. Normally someone is walking through the home from room to room with a video camera or DSLR in video mode. Your interaction with these type of tours is limited to one of a spectator, while a 3D tour is viewed by you interacting with it which is much more engaging experience. One big advantage to a video tour is shooting the exterior of the home is posible where 3D tours are primaraly interior spaces or covered outdoor spaces only.

Recent enhancements is pushing 3D technology as the best way to view properties online. Today’s 3D tour can also include a hightlight real. This are a series of still images that can be viewed just like a video tour. This feature is great for a Realtor® open house.  Just hit play and let the reel run like a video would. The walk through mode is always available for users who want to take control of the tour.

Both are effective and better that still images only but only a self-guided 3D tour allows potential buyers to walk through the property and get a sense of the layout and seeing finishes and fixtures in detail and at all of the homes vantage points.

Jon ShoweWhat’s a better way to view homes online, 3D Tour or Video?